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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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making things messy tonight the roads looking more like small lakes in union beach and the winds are strong. here's monmouth beach. live video from a webcam there. you can see the waves and the flag in the picture. we have live "eye on the storm" team coverage with lonnie quinn in the weather center. >> out there now, not too much. the raindrops on the lens, it's sort of rainy windy here in new york city right now 49. winds gusting at 17 miles per hour. you have a wind chill that makes it feel like your colder than 49 degrees. vortex satellite and radar, we have rain throughout the area. it's mostly a light rain. you see some bouts of heavy rain offshore moving to the north-northeast. we are catching a few now starting to make their way. this is a moderate rain that's into places like monmouth and ocean county just starting to make its way in. we'll see more of that as we go through your nighttime hours. coastal flood advisories this will be a big player for us. anyone who has a shoreline under an advisory for tomorrow you can go into sunday, it could be an issue. winds fuel it off the water. whether it's a northeast wind a southeast wind it will be
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changing back and forth as you go through the next three and four days but it's always coming off the water so you have winds gusting 25 miles per hour on saturday. problems on sunday, that's what can push the water onshore and give us some beach erosion and the flooding. more coming up. we have the latest update on the hurricane, as well. back to you. >> thank you. those worries tonight about flooding on the jersey shore amid concerns come some harsh words from governor christie. cbs 2's christine sloan live in windy rainy cold union beach to show us what's happening there now. christine. >> reporter: dana, strong winds and lots of rain causing a lot of problems here in union beach. we have watching water crash on the bulkhead to the waterfront bringing lots of debris and flooding a lot of roads up and down the jersey shore.
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night. waves crashing in manasquan inlet. the raritan bay churning fiercely in union beach smashing into homes along the waterfront. the rain not letting up, emergency crews preparing for a rough night and weekend. >> i'm very nervous. >> reporter: roberta berman already evacuated from her union beach home with her yorkie sasha. her streets flooded. sandy leveled dozens of homes in her town. the sand berm the only thing protecting newer homes. in mantoloking a steel wall going along the existing dune sticking up 16 feet above sea level despite some residents protesting their views would be blocked. governor chris christie now blasting another shore town for refusing to put up dunes. >> i'll say again quite candidly to towns like margate, you know, you are amongst the most selfish
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people in the state of new jersey. and if this hurricane had come to shore, the damage that would have been done to lives and property in margate i hope it's worth the vanity act that you're all engaging in. >> reporter: another question many ask, why people keep rebuilding when storms knock down their homes. >> 90% of the time it's beautiful. but on days like this you say, what am i doing here? >> reporter: why do you all stay here? >> because we love it. it's a great town. even before the storm, when anybody gets in trouble in this town, everybody comes together. >> reporter: they are worried about high tide here in union beach. they are expecting a lot more flooding. that is if all of this wind keeps the water in the bay. flooded streets. that's the story out here. new jersey, christine sloan, >> thank you, christine. in new york people on fire island spent the day preparing for the storm. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch live
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in robert moses state park with our mobile weather lab. vanessa. >> reporter: well, dana, it is not any better than it has been here all day. this has been the situation cold, windy, wet, unpleasant, to be precise. these are the conditions. it is 48-point -- [ inaudible ] [ [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: winds at 27.5 miles per hour. they have been over 30 as we measure them with the mobile weather lab. that means wind chills are down into the 30s for us. lonnie talked about the persistent northeast winds at issue is we have pounding surf and water is being pushed inland in places like lindenhurst. and in ocean beach where they don't need to see any more flooding they are trying to recover from sandy. but certainly we caught those roadways just completely covered with water today. in addition to that, waves as high as 10 feet persistently crashed upon the shore in a
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place where the beach is already compromised. downtown have been reduced to nothing in ocean beach after sandy they expected them to be rebuilt in the next few years. so a bad situation there. our cameras also caught many people trying to navigate the ankle deep water and what we saw is that it wasn't easy. looks like you're damaging in the rain. >> i know -- dancing in the rain. >> i know. it's going to be our first winter here so this is just the first taste of what we're going to get. >> reporter: she is just seeing the first of it. when we look out to the atlantic, we're at high tide now. i'm sorry, we're at low tide. imagine what this looks like at high tide around midnight tonight. we are live from robert moses state park, with the mobile weather lab, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> you can get weather updates anytime by downloading the cbs 2 weather app. it's free in the itunes store. lonnie will be back in a few
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moments. now to a cbs 2 exclusive. an alleged bias attack in the subway. a man says he was punched and kicked by a man shouting gay slurs. cbs 2's alice gainer spoke exclusively to the victim to, who says he has no idea why he was attacked. >> reporter: police are looking for this man wearing red sneakers captured on surveillance video and here's a sketch of his face. on wednesday night around 6:45, he allegedly attacked this man, who did not want his face shown, at the west 50th and broadway subway station. >> after i go through the turnstile, um, i felt like a push or a kick right behind me. so then i turn around. >> reporter: the victim says the man was screaming gay slurs at him. >> he spit at me and called me more spanish slur for being gay. >> reporter: from there, it escalated. >> i, you know, walked towards like away from him but he kept coming and then next thing he punched me. >> reporter: the man walked away but when the victim tried
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to snap a cell phone picture of his face he returned. >> i was like help, help! nobody helped me. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? no one jumped in? [ laughter ] >> i -- i guess it's new york city. people don't want to get involved. >> reporter: eventedly they wrestled to the ground and someone pulled them apart. he said he had no interaction with the man and can't understand why he was targeted. as you can see, it's a busy subway station. and tonight, a police officer stands watch. reaction to the bias attack here was mixed. >> this is something very ironic i guess because of homosexuality being accepted now. >> wow. surprising. he kicked the guy? >> i think this is very common. they are always getting bullied. >> reporter: the victim says he is not going to let this affect his commute or the way he lives his life. >> i still take the 1. i still get on and get off at the same subway so it's not going to change me. >> reporter: but he will be more aware of his surroundings
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his attacker still on the loose. 2 news. new at 6:00, a 911 operator for the nypd is suspended from the job for allegedly faking a 911 emergency of her own last night in brooklyn. cbs 2's sonia rincon with the story from prospect park lefferts gardens. >> reporter: it was the second time this woman called 911 to have the fire department break open this door. was locked out. not exactly. the super says she used to live here. >> she wanted to come back in and get some stuff. whether she had stuff there or not i don't know. >> reporter: she used to rent a room from the woman here who did not want to be identified and for whatever reason was no longer welcome at least not by herself. >> so you said please don't come? >> no. i told her, i said, um, it's best that we have someone here if you come so we don't get into a altercation. >> reporter: the former roommate says instead of bringing someone else to keep
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knew what to say. >> next thing i know the fire department breaking down my door for the second time. >> reporter: the fdny responded to the call of a resident locked out with food on the stove and sent six fire the lock was replaced. >> they explained to me and then i told them, okay, the lady called me right now to change the cylinder so i change it for her and then they told me what was happening and i said okay it's happened before. >> reporter: the woman was arrested on two counts of falsely reporting an incident a month ago the circumstances in that case aren't clear since she did still live here at the time. right now she is suspended from her job as a police communications technician. in the prospect-lefferts garden section of brooklyn, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. >> bruno received a desk appearance ticket and has a court appearance next month. we have an update tonight on the legionnaire's scare we have been following. the superintendent of the
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hauppauge school district on long island sent a letter to parents telling them legionella bacteria has been found in a cooling tower. the tower services the high school but isn't connected to drinking or sanitation water. the souped says the tower has been disinfected and there have been no reports of legionnaire's disease from faculty or students. the tower was checked because of emergency regulations following the legionnaire's cluster in the bronx. hackers strike again. a breach at a major cell phone provider millions of people at risk for identity theft. who should be on alert? also a warning about wine. a new study shows some wines contain too much arsenic. >> and the jets land in london with 350 rolls of toilet paper. otis livingston explains later in sports. and lonnie? connected to joaquin. we'll have an update coming up after the break.
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>> and coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," survival stories from oregon and new information about those who died. scott? >> dana, in just the last few minutes, we got the names and the photographs of the nine people who were killed in the massacre at the community college. we'll have that for you and
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manhattan today for a legendary nypd detective to worked on high-profile cases for the city. sergeant joseph coffey died from lung cancer. during his 21 years on the police force he took the confession of serial killer "son of sam," david berkowitz and worked on a 1978 lufthansa heist case. hackers have struck once again. this time the victims are millions of t-mobile customers. cbs 2's dick brennan with more on what you could do to keep your identity safe. >> reporter: the breach affects 15 million t-mobile customers and people who applied for credit over the past two years. it exposed names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, even driver's license numbers, military identification and passport numbers. hackers struck experion the vendor that processes t- mobile's applications. >> not knowing the complete details, um, i would say that this is a relatively organized criminal group couple of
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hackers, um, more than just one, um, that, um, had a , a um, a clear intention on stole. >> reporter: getting money? >> getting money. >> reporter: he ran the fbi's new york cyber branch office. he says businesses ultimately have to make certain data available to employers and customers. >> anytime you put that data exposed to the internet, the bad guys will get it. absolutely. >> reporter: but if your information has been exposed what should do you? he says change your passwords immediately. notify your financial institutions. put a 9 90-day alert on your -- a 90-day alert on your cards. t-mobile will offer credit monitoring for two years but that gives them more personal information. >> by the time your information is stolen it's out there. credit monitoring gives you a bells and whistles that go off when your data is used. >> reporter: he says people
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already been stolen and prepare for it to be used fraudulently. i can tell from you reporting on you this get paranoid and you probably should be. that's how bad it is. >> double-check everything. a new report finds red wines contain arsenic levels higher than those allowed in drinking water. the university of washington study looked add 65 wines from the country's top wine producing regions. california, washington, new york and oregon. the wines averaged 24 billion per parts of arsenic and drinking water is only allowed to have 10 parts per billion. the casual wine drinker has no concern, no cause for concern. people at risk are those who drink a lot of wine and other foods and beverages that contain higher arsenic levels are rice and apple juice. checking in against with lonnie quinn. we have the big storm we're dealing with now and also of
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>> we get a similar effect from both with an onshore flow and that pushes that water on to our shores. it's how it works. it's rainy and cold. it's 49 degrees. winds gusting at 17 miles per hour. we have wind chills out there right now for you in the lower 40s. let's get into what's happening. the gusts out there now they will be lasting in some way, shape or form for three if not four days. it will be a drawn-out situation. the winds come off the water. it's an onshore flow. it's not consistent the entire time in terms of a sustained wind at 30 miles per hour for four days straight. that's not what i'm talking about. i am talking about on and off for days. granted not our strongest but it piles up after time.
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let's start talking about the winds. i'm talking, say, 35 or stronger in terms of your gusts for your day tomorrow. this is saturday, this is midnight. as you go through the day 35 or stronger. and it's a tough wind coming off the water when it's that persistent for that long. sunday maybe it drops down to 25 miles per hour or stronger. the problem is the component that it's coming into -- dealing with it as it comes into the area. it may be southeast or northeast. it's all going to depend where the system is that's affecting us at that time. coastal flood advisories are effect because of that water being pushed onshore. the water now is falling from the sky. we have rain for everybody. a little batch of some moderate rain into monmouth and ocean county because of that low pressure system around the tennessee valley. then we watch joaquin. joaquin is forecast to stay offshore. no one on the eastern sea breeeze not our area in that
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cone of concern. now is a possiblele is a wobble possible? with it offshore, you still have a problem because again it's generating that same wind off the water. it could be offshore so we don't have the real heavy winds but a persistent wind at 25 miles per hour for high tide cycles for four days puts water onshore. that's why we are concerned about the flooding possibilities. >> thank you. the jets on the road with passports. otis livingston here with what's next in sports. otis. >> dana, they may be playing in london but they say it's business as usual sunday against the dolphins and rain did in the mets and yankees today. last night a different kind of wet stuff on the bronx bombers minds and in their eyes.
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the jets ar on the road. >> there's big ben, parliament, buckingham palace. the jets will sightsee but it's not a vacation. the team so serious about the trip, get this, they shipped over 350 rolls of toilet paper which gave way to jokes on both sides of the atlantic. all kidding aside, the jets know this is a business trip so they better take care of business coming off last week's losing performance. >> finally we are facing some adversity after the loss last game so i think we'll find out a lot about our team this week. >> it's hard to project for 16 games but we'll find out a lot this week because we are coming off a loss. >> it's been good for the guys. they come to another country and play real good for them from the fanfare and media standpoint hopefully while they take it all in they can
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focus on the game. that's what we're trying to do. >> here's an invitation to get up earlier on sunday morning for some football. 9:30 jets and dolphins from london. good news regarding victor cruz. according to an mri his latest setback didn't cause any further damage to his calf. no timetable for his return but he says he plans to play this season and soon. >> hopefully it's the last setback. i'm going to continue to work hard and continue to be, um, the same person i am in regards to my work ethic and the strength it takes to get back and to physically get that rehab room and do the work you need to do in order to succeed and get back on the field. >> can't wait to see that. mother nature not a local baseball fan but the mets and yankees rained out. mets hosting the nationals, yankees down in baltimore. they will be played as day- night doubleheaders tomorrow. gives the yankees a little more time to celebrate the wild card clinching victory what a sight in the clubhouse. the older players experiencing it again. the new guys who will be
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playing in the post-season for the first time. the yankees certainly needed guys like greg bird and his 11 homers and clutch hits. >> to be able to come up and help out, i followed them all year so just being able to come and help, i don't know what else to say. it's a special feeling. and finally tonight, back to the yankees and their annual tradition of rookie hazing. it's quite hip if you ask me as in hip hop. masahiro tanaka his interpreter and public relations manager dressed up like run dmc. >> i'm back on the toilet paper part. >> i'm like todd bowles. i'm not touching that. >> is it delicate? >> i have no idea. >> i have heard they do have toilet paper in london. >> don't squeeze the charmin.
6:24 pm tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, we are going to meet a local woman who says she was kicked out of a gym for wearing this. she is now filing a federal lawsuit. plus, home security hid then
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plain sight. keeping your family safe without sacrificing design. it's luxury lockdown plus all the news after "blue bloods" on cbs 2 news at 11:00. we're going to check once more in with lonnie quinn as it's a chilly rainy windy all kinds of -- >> we are talking wind chill out there right now. you take a look at the extended forecast. for a number of days we are dealing with some kind of a wind off the water. so we have flooding concerns around the area. the first simple we are dealing with now is a low pressure system. it's going to come closer to our area. the second low pressure system is a big low pressure system. that's joaquin. but it right now is forecast to stay farther away from the area but it's so big so we'll have an onshore flow. it could be several days of wind and rain off the water. it could make for flooding problems. >> you will be with scott pelley next on the "cbs evening news" telling us more about joaquin. thank you for joining us here on cbs 2 news at 6:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. also, steve hartman is on the road. and the latest from oregon. good night.
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